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CAP program for Nurses to become a registered Nurse in New Zealand

One of the best opportunities for the nurses seeking a highly paid job across the world is to become a registered nurse in New Zealand. Here we would explain in detail for all the aspirants ho are looking forward to make a career, how to become a registered nurse in New Zealand.

Competency Assessment Program ( CAP)

To become a registered nurse in New Zealand, all international nurses must take up the cap program. To pursue this program, the international students must first seek approval from the nursing council of New Zealand (NCNZ). The council has a set of criteria to assess the candidate profile before approving for the CAP program.

Following are the prerequisites for international nurses to apply for the CAP program.

  1. The candidate must have done a bachelor of nursing or masters in nursing to be eligible to do the CAP.

  2. One must be a registered nurse in the home country from where they have done the bachelor of nursing.

  3. The candidate must have the license of a registered nurse from the home country.

  4. Minimum 2 years of work experience continuously as a registered nurse in the last 5 years

  5. An IELTS score of 7 in each component or OET with a B band in each section.

Admission to the CAP

Once the application of a student is submitted to the nursing council of NZ with all the required documents, the NCNZ after careful assessment sends a notification to the student to complete the CAP for the registration to get the license to practice nursing in New Zealand. The students can then apply for the program at one of the universities in New Zealand offering the CAP. They need to submit this letter from NCNZ along with all the academic documents, experience letter, and English language proficiency test score to get admission to the program.

Duration of the CAP

The program is for 8 to 12 weeks. It is a full- time course due to which the students cannot do part-time jobs during this period. Since the program is only for 12 weeks, they will be on a visitor visa.

Who should be your Advisor or Consultant?

It is important to note that the students who want to apply for the CAP program must consult only a licensed New Zealand immigration Adviser. They are the only authorized advisers to process the application and if you seek the help of others your visa might get rejected. Dependents can also travel with the applicant on this visa. However, the visa will be sanctioned only once the main applicant's visa

gets approved.

Tuition Fee for the program

The program would cost approximately 9000 USD to 13000 USD depending on the university where they get admission.

Nursing jobs are one of the highly paid jobs in New Zealand. As the country is facing a shortage of licensed nurses, international nurses are encouraged to apply for the CAP program. You may check out the immigration website to get more details of the skill shortage

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