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Don’t let the pandemic affect your dreams of studying abroad

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is achieved-Swami Vivekananda

Are you someone who planned to pursue your higher studies abroad and is wondering how to accomplish your dream during this pandemic? Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of students from across the world who have received their offers from universities abroad but are unable to join due to travel restrictions. Many of the universities and colleges have resorted to new pedagogical ways to cater to international students. Though they are trying new ways like online classes and hybrid modes of online and in-class, does it really help the international students? The fact that the very purpose of students seeking admission to international universities is not only to get a high-quality education but also to enjoy the benefit of a post-study work visa, the new ways of learning seem to be paradoxical.

Well, you can choose to either study online or wait for the pandemic to get over. Many students have deferred their offer to the next intake and others who have shown interest in virtual learning have started attending their classes. However, there are countries like Ireland, Germany, and a few other European countries that are still allowing students to travel as these countries could manage and control the spread of the pandemic. Moreover, the recent trend shows a shift in the preference of country for students from India as more and more courses and opportunities are created by the universities in these countries for international students, especially in the field of Science and Engineering.

So, if you are an Engineering graduate and looking for a Master’s in the relevant field which would give you an edge in your career, choose universities from these countries as the job opportunities are in abundance and, the companies are looking for skilled personals to handle the jobs. Similarly, there are other STEM programs with research opportunities available that are funded by the European Union, and these degrees are internationally recognized.

Just like other study abroad programs in other countries, these countries also provide post-study work visas and allow students to work for 20 hours per week. Moreover, compared to other major developed countries, the tuition fee in European countries are less and affordable.

Well, the decision to choose the country for higher studies is totally up to the student as the reasons could vary from person to person. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, countries like Australia and New Zealand borders are closed and universities and colleges in these countries have resorted to online classes for the time being. The students who are very specific about seeking admission to the top universities in Australia and New Zealand can take up admissions to these universities and start with their online classes. A degree from these universities is certainly going to set you apart from the qualification perspective. As Canada has recently opened its offices in many cities of India, the students willing to pursue their studies in Canada can apply for admission for fall 2021. The United Kingdom is also welcoming a large number of students for the winter semester of 2021. You may apply to universities in the UK for their next intake as this is the right time for those seeking admission to 2021. If you are only looking at options of studying in the US, our advice would be to hold on for few more months as there is a lot of uncertainty remaining with regards to resuming study abroad programs that have been suspended by many universities.

To get the right information about the current study abroad program rules and regulations, please visit the respective country’s immigration website. Find below a few links to these websites.


The United Kingdom

New Zealand


United States

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