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Study in United States Of America

The United States of America is a country people from other parts of the world look up to as a model nation. American culture influences people of other nations. A dream for millions of students from other countries to get a US education and settle in the country. The country known for its dominant economic and military power is demographically large, young, and highly educated. The US is a global leader in science and technology. Tech Giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook have their headquarters in the US.

The United States of America is known as a melting pot as people from different cultures live there and the values of these cultures get integrated into the American culture. The country stands first in the education system for its excellent infrastructure, curriculum, employability, and international experience the universities and colleges offer for their students.


The United States of America is located in North America and consists of fifty states. The capital city is Washington D. C, and New York is the most populous city. Other major cities are Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Philadelphia, and San Antonio.


Being a large country, the United States has a continental climate. Summers are hot, and winters are cold.

Living in the USA

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world by area. Being the largest economy in the world, the US is a land full of opportunities. Nearly 25 percent of the world’s largest MNCs have their headquarters in the US. No doubt, the USA is one of the best countries to live in as we see lakhs of students and others migrating to the country every year in the hope of having a better standard of life. Hence it is home to different cultures, traditions, and values that make it a great place to live. People from other races, religions, ethnicities have contributed their ideas, thoughts, values, traditions, and cultures to the American culture that makes it unique.


The United States of America is home to some of the top universities in the world. They are known for their excellent education system. Universities have advanced technology and research facility to cater to students so that students learn job-specific skills. The universities offer programs across all disciplines at both the graduate and postgraduate levels. Moreover, they have the flexibility of changing their course modules or opting for more than one specialization. The best part of the US education system is that, unlike other education systems of the world, students get the opportunity to tailor the program according to the career aspirations, like combining Engineering with some musical instruments. These factors attract international students to seek admission to American universities. Those students who choose programs that are part of the stem field (Science, Technology, Engineering& Mathematics) are allowed to stay in the US for 24 months after completing the course so that they get an opportunity to work in the US and gain experience.

The US is home to more than 4000 universities and colleges. The top universities in the country are listed below. However, there are many other universities offering varied programs for international students.

Top Universities/Colleges in the US

Entry criteria to US universities

Universities and Colleges in the US require applicants to appear for a standardized test. Students applying for bachelors, masters, and MBA have separate tests to clear before admitting them for a program. English language test is also required to prove the language capability.


Students seeking admission to Bachelors in Engineering require SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and score minimum marks. The highest score is 1600. SAT has two main sections. Each section is 800, and both added together make it 1600. Most of the good universities have a cut off marks of 1000 to 1200.


Students seeking admission to Masters in Engineering are required to take GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) and should score minimum marks. The highest score is 340. GRE has two main sections, the quantitative and verbal sections each out of 170 and both added together makes it 340. Universities accept any score above 300. However, students who score 292 also get admitted to some graduate programs.


Admission to graduate and business programs in the US depends upon the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score. The total score is 800. The test is in two sections of the verbal section of 400 points and the quantitative section of 400 points. Scores above 600 will get you admission to the top universities. However, the scores between 400 to 600 would make you eligible for applying to some universities.

English Language Test

As you know English language test score is mandatory for all those seeking to study abroad, different tests are available for international students from non-English speaking countries. The test is to assess a student’s skill in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They can take the test from their own country, and the score has to be sent to the university while applying for admission. Few universities don’t accept a few tests. Students should check the university website to verify the same before writing the test.

Listed below are the approved English language test scores across the globe.

Each university has its criteria in selecting a candidate. The minimum required scores may vary depending on the program.


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