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Study in United Kingdom

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The United Kingdom has always been a favorite destination for students from India for ages. Ever since India got independence from British rule, we have seen an enormous number of people from India traveling to the UK for higher studies. The UK has some of the oldest universities in the world and is known for its world-class education. The country has a reputation for its academia. It is home to some of the world's best universities, the University of Oxford founded in 1096 and the University of Cambridge founded in 1209.


The UK is off the north-western coast of mainland Europe comprising of England, Wales, and Scotland together is known as the island of Great Britain and also the northern portion of the island of Ireland. Major cities in the UK are London-the capital of the UK, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, New Castle, Cardiff, Swansea.

Ask me my three main priorities for the Government and I tell you-Education, Education, Education-Tony Blair, Former Prime Minster of UK.


The UK climate is very temperate. It has cold weather. The temperature rarely rises above 30 degrees Celsius during summers and winters though mercury drops to 0 degrees, it never goes further down.

Living in the UK

As the UK is the 5th largest economy in the world and the second-largest in Europe, the quality of life and standard of living is much higher than other developed countries. More than the 500 largest companies in the world have their headquarters in the UK. The country is known for its contribution to research and development in the pharmaceutical field. It has immense opportunities for those seeking employment. England is one of the top financial hubs in the world, opportunities in the field of finance and accounting are indeed numerous.

The UK has a diverse culture that makes it a great place and has people from across the world living and working there. The multicultural environment makes the people of the country open-minded and welcoming to expatriates.

Education in the UK

As mentioned earlier, the United Kingdom education has a reputation for its high standards. It has more than 150 universities that are allowed to award UK degrees. The UK, known for its rich cultural heritage and the universities' legacy, offers study programs that help students experience academic and intellectual development. The universities and colleges offer bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees to international students. Bachelors are for three years though some of the programs are with foundation or with internships which makes it four years and most of the masters' programs are either one year or 18 months. Research programs are usually 2 to 3 years. They also have pathway programs for students who do not qualify directly to top universities that are of 9 to 12 months duration which paves the way to the top universities.

Top Universities/Colleges

These universities offer more than 30,000 courses and various research programs in the stem field. The duration of the program is shorter compared to other countries which makes it affordable for Indian students. More than 200 universities in the UK offer specialized study programs for international students. To get more information on different universities, colleges, and their ranking, students can visit the UCAS website. Unlike other countries, universities in the UK is have a more flexible entry requirement. Few universities waive off the IELTS requirement if the student has secured above 80% in English in their 12th grade. However, admission is purely based on academic merits and we at crozroadz encourage our students to take an English language test for a smooth entry to the study destination.

Popular courses in the UK for international students

Business Management

Engineering & Technology




Finance and Accounting

Living Expense

Living in the UK can be expensive. As an international student, students choosing a university in London need 15000 pounds for a year and those choosing a university outside London need 12000 pounds for living expenses. However, students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week and can earn a minimum of 8 pounds per hour.


Universities in the UK offer scholarships for deserving students from India. Students have to apply directly to these scholarships after receiving an offer from one of these universities. Please find below the scholarship names.

Great Scholarships

The scholarships are available to students from different countries and students from India are also eligible to apply for their post-graduate studies. The scholarships are offered by universities for various subjects for a one-year postgraduate course. There are 60 scholarships available worth a minimum of 1000 pounds.

Commonwealth Scholarships

International students from commonwealth countries are eligible for the scholarship for both master's and Ph.D. courses. Each scholarship is fully-funded, which means it covers tuition fees, to and from the UK travel fare, and living expenses. The scheme is basically for students from financially low background across commonwealth countries.

The Chevening Scholarship

It is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered to international students. The scholarship is fully-funded to any master’s degree in any UK university. The objective is to develop the leadership potential of outstanding students with a strong academic background from eligible countries.

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