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Study Materials for qualifying examinations

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

CrozRoadz recommends these books for students who want to prepare for the entrance examinations. These books have been chosen by CrozRoadz based on the review, feedback, and value for money.

The book prepares the students with the relevant skills required to succeed in the SAT examination. The guide contains eight practice tests with additional instructions, guidance, and test information which would help students to understand the format of the test.

This is the valuable training material for GRE aspirants. It contains hundreds of genuine questions and answers that could come in the exam. It also contains several essay writing exercises that would help students in preparing for the analytical writing that is part of the GRE exam.

The book contains questions from the past GMAT exams. It has more than three hundred hard questions and answers with explanations which would help students in achieving a high score.

This book comes with sample answers with audio and sample writing that would help students in preparing for the IELTS exam.

This book is ideal for students who want to get an understanding of strategies to score high in the Toefl exam. The book has many practice tests plus audio CDS that would help students in tackling difficult questions in the exam.


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