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Graduate Record Examinations( GRE)

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

GRE or the Graduate Record Examination is a standardized entrance test for students who want to get admission to a master's program in the US. The tests score is also an entry criterion for a few universities in Canada and other countries. It is based on the GRE score, students get admission to the top-ranked universities. The test is mainly to assess the student's verbal, quantitative, and logical reasoning skills. It also asses the analytical writing skill of students. The test consists of three sections. Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The questions are generally on specific Algebra, Arithmetic, geometry, and vocabulary. Each section has a score point. Verbal reasoning is reported on a 130-170 scale. Quantitative reasoning is also reported on a 130-170 scale. Analytical writing is on a 0-6 scale. Thus the total score of GRE is 346. A score of 310 or above is good to get into a decent university in the US. To get into the IVY league, one must score above 320 and that would also make students eligible for a good scholarship.


The fee for GRE is $205 in all countries. However, it is slightly more in India. The fee is $213 which is approximately 15800 INR.


There is no age limit or specific eligibility to write the GRE. Anyone who wants to go to the US for post-graduate studies can take up the exam. The student taking up the exam should be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university.

Types of GRE Test

GRE ( General)

There are two types of GRE. One is a general test and the other is the subject test.

The students who are seeking admission for an MS program appear for the general test. It mainly assesses the student's verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills.

GRE( Subject)

This test is to evaluate a student's knowledge and skills of a particular subject. If the student is seeking admission in a specialized course in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, or English, they appear for the GRE subject test.

Register for GRE

There are different ways to register for GRE. The most common way to register is either online or over a phone call. For booking the exam date, the student would need a valid passport and either a debit card or a credit to make the payment of 15800 INR ( $213) towards the registration fee.

Use the link to register for the exam online.

CrozRoadz recommends this book to all GRE aspirants. It is ideal for those who want to prepare for the GRE. Since this guide is a test-makers own guide, students can expect genuine questions that could appear in exams and correct answers for the same. It provides questions that are of different difficulty levels which help students to prepare well. The guide covers all the topics extensively and different strategies one needs to adopt to get a high score.

For more information on GRE, please contact 8147245160 or


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