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Why study in Canada

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. International students choose to study in Canada for the simple reasons that it is the best place to live and work. The quality of education is par excellence and is recognized worldwide.

Every year, Canada gives study visas to lakhs of students from India to pursue their higher education in its different universities and colleges. Apart from bachelors and masters, universities and colleges in Canada offer diplomas, graduate diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas for international students. Bachelor programs are of four years and other Programs including masters are of either one year or two years.

Below, you will find all the details about the country, its climate, education, and cost of living.


Located in North America, Canada stretches from the US to the south to the Arctic circle in the north. Major cities are Toronto, British Columbia, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa, the capital city. Students can seek admission to any of the universities and colleges located in these cities. Many students choose the university or college based on the province in which it is located. Ontario, Quebec, Novascotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta are some of the popular provinces.

Canda is the homeland of Equality, Justice and Tolerance- Kim Campbell, Former Prime minster of Canada


Though it’s a bilingual country and the languages spoken are English and French, every program is taught in English for international students, and the majority of people speak only English that makes it easier for the students from India to communicate with their peers.


Canada is a cold country. It snows most of the time. Students are encouraged to carry winter wear as the mercury level drops to minus during winters in most of the regions.

Life in Canada

The living standards of Canada is said to be the highest in the world. Though it boasts of high-quality education, tuition fees and cost of living are generally low compared to other developed countries. Moreover, finding a part-time job is much easier as there are a lot of job opportunities in the country. The multicultural society makes the country a very safe place to live, and people are friendly and warm.

Education in Canada

No doubt, Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. The research-based curriculum helps students to gain in-depth knowledge and practical exposure. Learning from experienced faculties help students understand the concepts and think from different perspectives. Moreover, Canada has numerous job opportunities and students who graduate from universities and colleges have strong earning potential. Canada offers diplomas, graduate certificates, undergraduate, and master’s programs for international students. Students who choose a one-year program get a one-year post-study work visa and those taking two years or more than two years get a three-year post-study work visa. All international students can work 20 hours per week and 40 hrs per week during holidays. So, If you wish to study in Canada, you have to apply for a study permit. We at CrozRoadz can guide you with visa documentation and the application process that ensures the students don't lose the opportunity of studying in Canada.

Universities /Colleges

There are many universities in Canada that are ranked among the top 10 universities in the world by QS ranking. Well, these universities admit only those students who have an excellent academic background. Students must have scored above 80 % to get admission to these universities. Most of the universities have an application fee that would be around 150 to 200 CAD as it differs from university to university. The IELTS score should be 6.5 overall with no band less than 6. The individual score could vary based on the admission requirement of a program.

Find below the top universities in Canada.

Other Good Universities /Colleges for International Students

The students must have scored a minimum of 60% in their previous academics to be eligible for admission to these colleges and 70% to universities. However, the colleges in Canada do accept 50 % and above based on the profile of the student. The IELTS score should be 6.5 overall with no band less than 6. The individual score could vary based on the admission requirement of a program.

Top Courses

  1. MBA

  2. Finance

  3. Science

  4. Nursing

  5. Engineering

  6. Information Technology

Tuition Fee for Undergraduate/ Masters

The tuition fee depends on the duration of the program. For an undergraduate program, the average tuition fee for an international student would be between 15000 CAD to 25000 CAD per annum. Most of the undergraduate programs are for four years. Masters would cost 15000 CAD to 35000 CAD per annum. It is generally 1.5 years to 2 years.


Universities in Canada offer scholarships for international students who are academically outstanding. The amount varies from university to university and students have to write to the university directly for availing of the scholarship. Though most of the scholarships are for doctoral programs, there are a few that offers for graduate studies also. Find below some of the scholarship details.

  1. Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

  2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

  3. Quebec provincial Government Scholarship

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