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Top Courses in Australia for International Students

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Australia has always been one of the favorite destinations for students from India due to the immense opportunities the country has for international students. They are known for the quality of education that integrates theory with practical training. Australia is known for specialized programs and research facilities offered at the universities and also known for providing world-class infrastructure that enables students to acquire the required skills needed to make them job-ready.

Universities in Australia offer bachelor's, master's, and diploma programs in various streams. Bachelors are for three years, and some are for four years, and Masters for two and three years. Diplomas are generally for about a year. However, if you are looking for a post-study work visa, your post-graduate program should be for two years.

Here, we have compiled a list of top courses in Australia for international students.

  1. MBA

  2. Environmental Science

  3. Architecture

  4. Biotechnology

  5. Accounting

  6. Health Science

  7. Engineering

Master of Business Administration

More than 20000 students from India travel to Australia to study MBA every year. There are numerous reasons for students from India to do an MBA at universities in Australia. The salary package of an MBA graduate in Australia is very high as companies are looking for professionals with managerial skillsets to handle different roles. An MBA graduate can expect to earn an average salary of 90000 US dollars per annum. Australian degrees are globally recognized, and the Go8 universities of Australia are listed among the top-ranking universities in the world for quality of education according to QS world ranking.

Find below the list of top universities offering MBA programs

  1. University of New South Wales

  2. University of Sydney

  3. University of Melbourne

  4. RMIT

  5. Monash University

  6. University of Queens Land

  7. University of Adelaide

  8. Victoria University

  9. La Trobe University

  10. University of South Australia

  11. Griffith University

  12. Macquarie University

  13. Curtin University

  14. Tasmania University

  15. Charles Darwin University

Environmental Science

Are you a science disciple, looking forward to pursuing a career in environmental science? Universities in Australia stand out for their teaching quality in Environmental science with world-class research facilities. There are more than 290 courses in environmental science that are offered by several universities in Australia. Students widen their knowledge base in ecology, soil science, geography, environment design, conservation and resource management, environmental planning and policies, etc. They get fieldwork opportunities that help them in developing and problem-solving skills. The study further focuses on learning digital imaging, mapping, and spatial techniques, thus providing world-class research facilities in environmental science.

If you are interested in making a career in this field, we have compiled a list of top universities in Australia offering this course.

  1. University of New South Wales

  2. University of Melbourne

  3. University of South Australia

  4. Monash University

  5. The Australian National University

  6. University of Sydney

  7. Macquarie University

  8. The University of Queensland

  9. The flinders university

  10. University of Western Australia

  11. University of Adelaide

  12. La Trobe University

  13. University of Tasmania

  14. Charles Darwin University

  15. Edith Cowan University


Architects are in high demand in Australia, and employment opportunities are on the rise. Jobs posted on several job portals in Australia show an average salary of an architect job as 86000 AUD per annum. The eligibility requirement for bachelor programs for students from India is 70 % or more in their previous academics. However, to become a registered architect, you must have a master's degree in architecture. Architects Accreditation Council of Australia reports shows around 13000 companies employ 40000 architects.

Find below the list of top universities offering this course:

  1. University of Sydney

  2. University of Melbourne

  3. University of New South Wales

  4. University of South Australia

  5. Swinburne University of Australia

  6. Queensland University

  7. Monash University

  8. University of Western Australia

  9. Macquarie University

  10. Griffith University

  11. James Cook University

  12. Victoria University

  13. University of New Castle

  14. Tasmania University

  15. RMIT

  16. University of Canberra


Accounting courses are one of the most popular for international students as there are ample job opportunities in the field of accounts in Australia. Accountants earn between 60000 AUD to 80000 AUD based on the qualification and experience. More than 500 courses are available in Australia in accounting, and most of the universities and colleges offer various programs and specializations in this subject area.

To know more about the professional bodies, you may visit any of these websites.

Here is the list of top universities for Accounting course:

  1. The Australian National University

  2. University of Adelaide

  3. Queensland University

  4. Monash University

  5. Macquarie University

  6. University of New South wales

  7. La Trobe

  8. Griffith University

  9. Deakin University

  10. Curtin University

  11. Swinburne University

  12. RMIT

  13. University of Wollongong

  14. Victoria University

  15. Western Sydney University

Health Science

Health Science is a field of applied science that studies human and animal health. As the demand for healthcare increases, the need for health science professionals is also soaring. According to the job outlook website, healthcare and social assistance will be the top industry for job growth in the next five years. Health science is a broad field. It covers a wide range of health disciplines such as medicine, nutrition, public health, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and many other disciplines. Indian students having a science background can pursue further studies in Health Science at one of the universities/colleges in Australia.

Top Universities to study Health Science:

1. University of Adelaide

2. University of Wollongong

3. LaTrobe

4. University of Melbourne

5. Curtin University

6. Monash University

7. Western Sydney University

8. Victoria University

9. Edith Cowan University

10. Flinders University

11. Griffith University

12. Deakin University


Engineering courses in Australian universities are highly competitive. Universities offer a wide range of study options in the field of Engineering. Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mine Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Software Engineers are in demand across Australia. Due to its high demand, more than 2500 courses are available in Australia in the subject area of Engineering at both bachelor's and master's levels. Many of the Engineering programs have placements after the course completion that helps students gain practical experience. International students have the opportunity to gain employment as Australia is facing a shortage of skilled Engineers.

Engineers Australia is a professional accreditation body that is responsible for the accreditation of undergraduate programs. All students graduating are eligible for membership. This accreditation ensures that the institutions offering engineering programs meet the required high standard, and students passing out gain skills needed to make them job-ready. More than a hundred universities in Australia have several Engineering programs.

Here is a list of top universities offering the course.

1. University of Sydney

2. University of New South Wales

3. Australian National University

4. University of Melbourne

5. Monash University

6. University of Queensland

7. University of Adelaide

8. University of Western Australia

9. University of Wollongong

10. University of Technology Sydney


Australia is one of the best destinations to do a biotechnology-related course as the Australian government emphasizes biotech-related research in medicine, environment, and agriculture. Melbourne itself has around 27 biotechnology research institutes. More than 20 institutes in Australia offer programs related to biotechnology. Hence, if you are looking for a career in the field of biotechnology, join one of the programs offered at institutes in Australia.

Below, you will find the list of top universities offering a course in this field.

1. University of Melbourne

2. Monash University

3. University of Technology Sydney

4. University of Western Australia

5. University of Adelaide

6. Griffith University

7. Australian National University

8. University of New South Wales

9. University of Queensland

We hope this information has been helpful to you. We have given only the list of top universities offering the programs. However, we recommend you contact your counselor to get all the information regarding the course and university in detail.

We will be happy to assist you. You can reach us at or call us at 8147245160.


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